History Highlights

Historical1831 – Farmville Baptist Church, originally known as First Baptist Church, was birthed by members of Sharon Baptist Church at Sandy River.

1835 – The church purchased the property on the corner of Fourth and Main Streets.

1836 – The first structure was built, formally dedicated on November 25, 1836.

1855-56 – A second church building was built on the present site at 132 Main Street.

1885 – On September 1, 1885 two women were formerly included on a church committee. Prior to that date all church business had been conducted by the male members.

1912-14 – The congregation had outgrown the church space, and another building was constructed. The pipe organ, which is still in use, was installed.

1947 – The Rev. Benjamin Bruner preached the church’s first radio broadcast on Radio Station WSVS.

1956 – The church acquired the Hubbard property to use for Sunday School classes. Today it is the parking lot.

1960 – The church underwent a major fundraising and remodeling project.

1966 – The Church hired its first associate minister, the William Shockley, to be the Minister of Music and Education.

1968 – On February 11, a note burning service was held commemorating the final payment on the remodeled church.

1976 – The church membership was divided with about half of the members leaving to establish Heritage Baptist Church.

1999 – The church hired Susan Joyce as its first female associate minister.

2000 – Farmville Baptist Church joined the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, withdrawing membership from the Southern Baptist Convention.