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Prayer Concerns

Brenda Baldwin, friend of Tim Trent

Sandra Clements, daughter of Doris Weaver

Family & Friends of Andy Dellinger

Doris Fitzgerald, Brian Ross’ grandmother

Marie Fowler, mother of Sandy Yeatts

Nancy Haga

Family & Friends of Jennifer Holliday, former PECHS teacher

Ann Marie Howard

Marie Humphries, aunt of Jack Davis

Becky Jackson, step-mother of L.R. Jackson

Doralease Jackson

John Jamison, friend of Ken Copeland’s father

Bill Lane, father of Pam Gordon

Peggy Lane, mother of Pam Gordon

Linda Sue Lewis, sister-in-law of Joyce Davis

Mike McDermitt, colleague of Sandy Yeatts & Ken Copeland

Marie Powers, mother of Bill Powers

Family & Friends of Dave Ramsey

H.A. Saxtan

Debbie Smith, wife of Gordon Smith

David Toone, friend of Kim & Sandy Yeatts

Donna Vick

Family & Friends of Frank Watson

JP Williams

Nelson Wilson

Lindsay Worrell, friend of Kim Davis

On-Going Prayer Concerns

Freddy Asal, HSVFR Member

Peggy Cave

Betty Coleman, sister-in-law of Janie Simpson & Celia Jo Young

Clyde Garrett, uncle of Sandy Yeatts

Thomas Grant of Grant’s Glass

Margaret Ann Hargrove

Doris Hatcher, aunt of Kim Yeatts

Susan Hutcherson, sister of Lenwood Jackson

Carolyn Jones, sister of Lorraine Carter

Pattie Maples

Rob Maxey

Peggy Munden, aunt of Gail Cave & Kim Yeatts

Thomas Reed, nephew of Cecil Yeatts

Shirley Rickman

Mary Stanley

Clinton & Nancy Vick