Farmville Baptist Church is a caring and compassionate church which, like Jesus, welcomes everyone and is committed to serving our neighbors, community, and world.

Perhaps not for everyone, but for us, being Baptist means freedom. Freedom for people to make up their own minds about God and faith, and to do it at their own pace. Freedom to use the mind as a gift of God — to ask questions, to debate, and to search for truth. We embrace the freedom to affirm equality between women and men, older and younger, rich and poor.

At Farmville Baptist Church we celebrate your freedom to be and become all that God made you to be. And, we believe Jesus makes it clear that God loves everyone — the whole world and each person in it. All people deserve our respect and love. So, our hearts and arms are open whether you are young or old, rich or poor, longtime Christians or seekers after faith. Our goal is to Worship God, Grow Together and Serve Others.

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